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ASAP Date Entry to Automatically Reassign Task to Today Until Complete


For Regular Tasks:
Sometimes I have a task that I need to be completed at the first available chance, and though I think of it and hope to complete it today, it may be put off for one or more days.

I think there should be a date entry "ASAP" or something like that, that will assign the task to today, and if the day passes without it being complete, it will automatically reassign to today again the following day, rather than being on yesterday.

This will just keep it in at the point of highest visibility.

For Recurring Tasks:
Going along with this, I would like to see an optional add-on for recurring tasks of "or ASAP" or something along those lines.

If you have a task due "every friday" and you change it to "every friday or ASAP", it will assign to Friday and then if it is not completed Friday it will show up on Saturday as a task for today. If you complete it Saturday it will reassign to the following Friday again, keeping the same pattern.

For Both:
An option for this as well is to show "(OD from Fri)" or "(1 day OD)" or show the original due date, "(mm/dd)" after the task, to show when it was originally due. This can be in parentheses or with a hyphen, "- mmdd".

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Jakub Tesárek
Replied on Dec 29, 2011 - 10:50

funny, i suggest this function two days ago on facebook