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Delegation handling


Great tool Todoist!

I have an improvement suggestion that would make it even better:

When delegating a task it would be great if:

* I could just write a destination email and get an email with the task description and an optional comment automatically sent to it
* Automatic change of delegated tasks to delegated state (there are other suggestions on new states but not on delegated state)
* Delegated tasks to appear at the end of lists, until close to due date
* Refresh state option to resend task to same email
* Ability to filter delegated tasks by destination email
* (A+ mark) When the task executor answers email, task reloaded to pending

You could also give option to select Todoist user instead of destination email, but please, build the option destination email as not all the people a work with will use Todoist.

Solving this and stabilizing and improving mobile apps and Outlook plugin will make Todoist virtually perfect (for me at least).