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Start date for tasks that shouldn't be left til their due date.


I've poked around quite a bit here and have seen several suggestions similar to this but I saw no harm in rephrasing it the way I'm thinking.

Say today is Monday and I have a task that I'd like to have completed by Friday. However, it is not something that I can leave til Friday. Perhaps it requires several afternoons of work. I would like to be able to set a "start date" as well as a "due date". The start date could be whatever I want, but in the case of this example I would set it as today, Monday.

The task would then appear on Today, to remind me that I can and should work on it. It should be marked in some way to note that it is in fact due on Friday.

Additionally, I would then be able to EITHER check it to mark it as done, but more likely since it is a big task, mark it as "in progress". Perhaps I did work on it on Monday and I got about 20% into it. I could then mark in Todoist that it is 20% done.

Since I only got 20% done, the task would then carry over to Tuesday. If I do more on Tuesday, I could increase the percentage.

Alternatively to the percentage idea, it could also just have an option to mark as "worked on" rather than completed, which would cause the task to be grayed out on your Today list.

Regardless of what day it is, the task would show up on Friday as its true due date.

I have seen work-around suggestions for this to use labels such as @20/7 to mark that it should be worked on on July 20th, but this eliminates the use of the "today" and "7 days" view which I strongly favor. Nor do I want to add a label for each day I could work on it.

To me this feature is absolutely a must. There are a lot of tasks we all need to complete that can't be left entirely to their due date.

I only just started using Todoist but I am really loving it so far.

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David Trey staff
Replied on Jan 30, 2013 - 12:35

Hello Christina,

Thank you for your suggestion. Right now, you could use recurring dates and add the deadline of the task as a label or within the task name.

For example, you can add a task called "[FRIDAY] Send weekly report" and set this task to "ev day". You can check it off each day, it will move to the next day when you do it and see its deadline all the time. Alternatively, using labels would also allow you to see all tasks with the same deadline as you can search for labels.

Best regards,