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move overdue recurring tasks to today


I want to be able to see all my tasks for today in a single list. Currently, overdue recurring tasks appear as "overdue", e.g. "2 days overdue", and the only option is to mark them as done, or postpone them until the next due date, effectively to skip them.

In my usual view (7 days, overdue, no date), I want to be able to drag an overdue recurring task from "yesterday", "2 days ago", etc. into today. I can do this with normal tasks. I want to do this with overdue tasks also.

The next occurrence date should stay the same when I do this. So once I mark a recurring task as complete, even if it's been moved to 'today' several times, the next occurrence should appear on the original schedule. If one of the scheduled dates has been passed already, you can either add a 2nd instance when the next recurrence date hits (e.g. original overdue recurring task was duplicated when dragged into today so original is still on same schedule) or do nothing and skip that recurrence date.

task: "clean bathroom" every first Saturday
I don't have time to do it on Saturday so on Sunday it appears in the "yesterday" list. No time to do it Sunday, so I drag it to Wednesday. Finish it Wednesday, and mark it complete, and the next instance is scheduled for the first Saturday of the next month.

This way I don't have overdue tasks scattered around my todo list. Everything I have to do today is on my today list, and I can ignore everything else.

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Smokie Lee premium
Replied on Dec 01, 2012 - 13:31

Yes, yes, yes, a million times yes.

If this feature gets implemented, I'll finally have something I won't mind paying $30 a year for that isn't another well-known task manager. ;D