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Adding sub-tasks

how can we add sub-tasks in the iPhone version of todoist? i can easily add sub-tasks in my android but its confusing to do so in my iPhone. All i see when i'm adding a task, there's a option below for sub-tasks. When i click on that i see four options 'no' 'level 1' 'level 2' 'level 3' 'level 4' and i'm not sure to do with them.
Thanks in advance.


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David Trey  staff
Replied on Aug 28, 2014 - 13:58 UTC

Hello Mustafa,

If you want to add a sub-task that's a direct child of the parent task, choose level 1, it it should be a sub-sub-task (a child of a child task), choose level 2 and so on, up to level 4 for a sub-sub-sub-sub-task.

Just like on the web you can click Ctrl+RightArrow multiple times to indent the task up to 4 times, the levels represent the place of the task in the structure, so for example, you can have such complex task structures:

Parent task
| - sub-task level 1
| - | sub-task level 2
| - | - sub-task level 3
| - | - | - sub-task level 4


Mustafa  premium
Replied on Aug 28, 2014 - 15:04 UTC

thanks David. Also, is the ToDoist team planing to add similar features as android (specifically, the sub-task making and some of the task adding/editing features) to ToDoist for iOS? i would really be grateful if that would happen, as i am using my iPhone much more than i use my android and love some of the features in ToDOist for android.
Thanks in advance.

Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Aug 28, 2014 - 15:21 UTC


Yes we are planning on improving the iOS side of things.


Kakaxa  premium
Replied on Aug 31, 2014 - 15:28 UTC

so long :-((