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Update Outlook and Windows Versions


On both windows and outlook I receive a notification (green wheel) and when I click on it I see that a new version is available. When I click on the green wheel- is it updating the version of todoist? I am not getting asked to click on anything further, like an installation of a program. Is todoist being updated or do I have to uninstall and reinstall? To update versions of todoist on outlook and windows without uninstalling and reinstalling would be very helpful. Thanks.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Aug 22, 2014 - 13:29 UTC

Hello Jonathan,

That's correct, you shouldn't see any more windows. These updates are small implementations on our end so when we fix a glitch or adjust something that would increase the performance or make any change on our end, you may sometimes need to just reload the page (or in this case - the Todoist "content"). To notify you that it's time to reload, we've implemented these notifications and when you click on them, the app or plugin will read the latest version of the app, there's no further installation required :-)