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Task status different than complete?


Is possible mark tasks with status different than complete/incomplete? as pending response, on hold, wait for results, etc?


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Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Aug 19, 2014 - 00:02 UTC

Hi Jose,

With labels you can do this, but there no actual status's for tasks. So with labels enter @waiting or @inprogress for example to the task name.


Replied on Oct 15, 2014 - 19:03 UTC

Hi Brendon,

I found a similar question in #20449 a long time ago. I would really like such a feature as well, the thing I miss most in Todoist.

Any plans to implement it? Of course, labels can be used as a work around, but it gets messy, if they are used for a lot of different things.


Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Oct 15, 2014 - 19:42 UTC


Its something we will look into for future updates.


Bernard Tremblay  premium
Replied on Jan 01, 2015 - 17:16 UTC


I find this post which subject is near the one I intend to write.

I have developed and worked with tools for plans during long years.

I don't understand why "status" of "todo" objects are so limited. I list here the need status (the labels are not usable most of time because the data - fields which are requested are not the same - see details)

"Todo" and todoIst introduces a confusion between :
- "task" (named too "event" in UITF) : changes to perform on something (has duration start and end)
- "aim" : a stage to be reached in transformations on objects (describe configuration of objects)
- "event" : a step defined and which can be followed in transformation of something (has no duration but one occurrence date known or not)
- "datetime-target" : a time-date attribute used to define a limit (a task has a minimum of two dates, a aim none, an event one)

A "todo" : defines a mixed and evolutive of the 3 previous concepts with the add of datetime attribute : most of time if it is well defined :
"an aim with the definition of the objects involved and the transformation needed to reach it".

Then a "todo" can own various attributes.

In todoIst the time data is the target, then the status which involves the begin and end concepts commonly hold with task concept are excluded.

The problem is that the "todo" is an evolutive concept which mixes the four defined upwards (the french translation uses an undefined language "a todo is a task an event a aim, a date" are mixed etc... it is a curious porridge).

If we add the attributes of the tasks and the variations of contents of a todo we can get a very complex system.

If we translate "todo" by "t√Ęche" in french we are not allowed to not define a begin and end or say that the date is the target for the end.

In english if a confusion is installed between todo - task - event - aim we get the same porridge.

The confusions comes more precise when the lonely date defined seems to be the date when the task occurs (begin-end) : do this means that a todo has a maximum of one day duration ?

The status of "objects" can be (short list) :

1- "planed" quite the lonely of todoist
2- "deleted" todo has no interest deleted from todolist

3- "defined" not yet "planed" : can be applied to any concept -
don't know when the todo can be planned, it can be listed and defined but the plan with any date can be filled.
Currently such element must be hold manually because any defined task in todolist must have dates. If dates are defined it is planed then it become impossible to list it.

4- "Ended" or "completed" : if a todo has a duration
it is not "deleted", data as comments can be added as execution reports (dates cannot normally be changed, if an error have been done a date can be defined in the past), status can be changed to another if an error have been done "thought it was ended but it was not true"

5- "Started" : if a todo has a begin and end
The begin is defined in past (can be corrected with value in the past, if not status must be changed) , the end can be updated

6- "Pending" (no resource available) : can be applied to any
Can imagine that this can be marked by a label. It is not true a "pending" has no finish date defined

7- "Waiting" (fails equipment, data etc. to go on) : Can imagine that this can be marked by a label. It is not true a "pending" has no finish date defined

8- "undefined date(s)" : can be combined with any concept or other status :
Pending or Waiting with or not defined date(s) etc.
Started or "ended" "reached" but datetime unknown
The unknown dates is a criteria to filter "todo" and manage a plan

Note : the user has not to know about the concepts, but if they are clear he will use to tool intuitively and easily because it will fit with is brain functionment.

So I have difficulties to use todoIst because I use to define progressively a plan of work :
- find thing todo but unable to plan immediately
- as a part of a project structure
- as first element of a unknown (yet) project (miscellaneous)
- plan todo because they spring out of current activity
- plan todo from list of "undefined date" todo list fitting with others planned or project target

Best regards