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When todoist could syn events both side of google calendar and Todoist.

Current google calendar only append the iCal from Todoist.
When Todoist could syn event from google calendar.
I have use doit.im before, which could provide this function which is very useful.

First example is doit.im syn task from google calendar.
when I am add a task at google calendar, but sometime I have miss this task.
But when the doit.im has syn the task from google calendar, then when I run the doit.im app which have show the task didn't mark finished, so I could arrange this task again.

Second example is doit.im syn task to google calendar.
When I have add a task at doit.im, for a moment, I could see this task are syn to google calendar, for some reason, I have completed this task early, so I mark this task completed at doit.im. This amazing is this task has marked finish at google calenar with "√", this is my favor function.

Anyone did meet this function before? or provide some better advice to me!
thanks. :-) :-)

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Clyde Romo  staff
Replied on Aug 17, 2014 - 03:59 UTC

Hi Jianjun,

The integration with Todoist and Google Calendar is read only for now. We'll look into improving this in the future. :-)