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Multpile reminders for tasks


I am evaluating Todoist and want to confirm that when entering new tasks either via Outlook (from an email or creating a task outright) or Android that I will be allowed to set multiple reminders for a task. Also, if I set an iCal feed so that tasks instantly show on my Outlook calendar, can I check off or change the task in Outlook or do I need to make any changes from Todoist? Thanks for helping me evaluate if this program will fit my needs.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Aug 12, 2014 - 14:24 UTC

Hello Karen,

If you add a task on any platform, you can set as many reminders for it as you like, there are no limitations to the number of reminders one task can have. This will not work when you use the "Email tasks to this project" option which allows you to send/forward and email directly to a project, as then you need to use the <remind today at 2pm> tag in the email's subject or body, though even then, you can of course set multiple reminders to this task directly in Todoist.

As for the calendar integration, it's one-way only so you would see any change you make in Todoist in your Outlook calendar (when using the Send/Receive option to sync the calendar), but you wouldn't be able to make changes in the calendar and have them show up in Todoist.