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MacOS - Going offline and then quitting Todoist = Deletes list bug



We're having a major issue with the MacOS version of the application. In order to recreate the bug please do the following:

1. Add tasks into MacOS - add a couple.
2. Go Offline - Turn off Wifi or unplug ethernet connection
3. Add a few more tasks to test
4. Go Online - Turn on Wifi or plug in ethernet connection
5. Todoist will have an endless 3 bars loading animation in bottom right.
(Even when you click the refresh button to sync. Or hit Command+R)

6. Quit Todoist because its not synchronizing properly.
7. Restart Todoist and lose everything you typed in after you went offline.

Summary: It seems that if we are using the application and go offline and then quit the program, all the work done during the offline period would disappear. It seems like the program doesn't cache the tasks created while it is offline.

Seems to be a two problem issue: One the Todoist app does not seem to reconnect and sync properly. Two the app also needs to be able to cache the tasks locally incase of outages and shutoffs.

We're not sure what to do now as this seems to be a major bug with the MacOS application. The users prefer to use the application over the web interface.

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Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Aug 06, 2014 - 23:14 UTC


This should indeed be working. I'd suggest clearing the cache for Safari (our app uses this) and see if it happens again. That being said, do you give it enough time to sync before going offline?

We are going to be releasing a major update, that fixes many issues, and improves offline support, which means even if you reboot, you can start offline.


Jerome Ching
Replied on Aug 06, 2014 - 23:27 UTC

Hi Brendon,

We have cleared the cache and reset Safari, the issue persists.

While Online...
1. Closed Todoist OSX app
2. Cleared cache and reset safari (not entering tasks in Safari, we are using the OSX app)
3. Entered 3 tasks in OSX app, all sync'd perfectly

Went Offline... (turned off Wifi)
4. Entered 3 more tasks in OSX app

Went Online...
5. Nothing syncs, status bar in lower right corner of OSX app persistently moving, clicking refresh does nothing.

6. If we close the OSX app and reopen, the tasks are permanently deleted/lost.

OS: OSX 10.9.4 (fully updated)
APP: Todoist ver 4.1.5 (147)

Note: We are able to replicate this issue across 3 different OSX machines.

Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Aug 06, 2014 - 23:47 UTC


I would normally pass this along and we would look into it, but I know for a fact our new app which we hope will be released within a week or so, will fix this issue. As it works almost completely differently.

So if you can hold on a bit, and use the web version, or not go offline, this will be fixed soon.


Chuck Kelley  premium
Replied on Aug 06, 2014 - 23:50 UTC

I'm having the EXACT same problem. This is awful. I just lost TONS of work.

John-Mark Ikeda
Replied on Aug 07, 2014 - 00:20 UTC

I'm having the same problem too. When I'm offline if I add task and then quit the Mac app all the offline work I have done is gone when I open it again.

I originally posted that all my tasks disappeared, but they eventually reappeared.

Ross McLeod
Replied on Aug 08, 2014 - 08:14 UTC

Exact same issue here.

Think I'll be getting a refund as the app is completely useless to me without this function. The main time I use it is with no internet, so it can then sync up as soon as I reach the office. Without the sync I'm losing my work every single morning.

Terrible, terrible flaw.

Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Aug 08, 2014 - 13:41 UTC

A new app version is coming very soon, these issues should be addressed with this. We hope this will be within a week.


John-Mark Ikeda
Replied on Aug 08, 2014 - 16:20 UTC

Can we please get a solid answer if the new version will fix this issue? I just purchased the premium account and if this is going to be an ongoing issue, I'd like to also get a refund too.

David Trey  staff
Replied on Aug 08, 2014 - 16:28 UTC

Hello John-Mark,

Yes, it will solve this problem, we have a new build right now and I've just tested it. As long as I don't log out manually, then I can shut down the Mac, close the app, reboot etc. and it will always keep the changes.

We're hoping to have it ready for release next week, but as always - if we discover an issue during testing, we'll prefer to fix it before launch so please consider next week as an estimate for the release.

In the meantime, please note that the entire web-app can work offline. If you use Chrome and go to https://todoist.com/app online once, then you can access this page and all your data later without internet connection.


Jerome Ching
Replied on Aug 13, 2014 - 16:16 UTC

Hi Staff,

Checking in, any updates on the new version release? Another week?


David Trey  staff
Replied on Aug 13, 2014 - 16:32 UTC


We are still implementing smaller fixer for issues that we've discovered during testing, as soon as it's all addressed, we'll release the update :-)


Enric Enrich  staff in training
Replied on Aug 15, 2014 - 16:55 UTC


We have just released a new version of the Mac app that fixes different issues, and one of the fixed issue is related with the offline mode. Now it should work perfectly even if you restart your computer. I have to say that if you logout from the Mac app while you're offline and you haven't synced you changes, all your changes will be lost.

This new version (5.x) is only available for Mac OS X 10.9+. You can download it from our Mac app website (https://todoist.com/mac) or on the Todoist app menu, clicking on "Check for Updates...". Soon it will be available to download from the Mac App Store. :)