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Karma should work more like Fitbit


I left a criticism of Karma on Facebook a while back and was asked to leave my suggestions on how it can be improved so I am doing so now. My criticism was that all the benefits of using karma to encourage momentum is hidden behind something you need to click.

I use fitbit in my title because I thought it would be a nutshell, attention grabbing description of my issue.

If you can measure it you can't manage it. I would add if you can't see it then it is out of sight out of mind especially for a tool that is visual in nature.

I recommend that Todoist go beyond the boring display of lists that is duplicated in almost every to do app and go to visual summaries that allow one to zoom into detail. I created my own personal version of a to do list several years ago and what worked for me is a more interactive approach.

Some suggestions:
1) Integrating gaming elements like badges and visual displays of accomplishments.
2) Completing a task should trigger a status of tasks remaining just for that day or display of the time for a must do calendared task. For example - "Your next task is at 3pm" or "3 of 5 tasks due today completed 2 more left" (sure it could be said better) to drive a future focused mindset.
3) Maybe getting Karma on mobile.
4) I would like a graphical display and status of how my day is going compared to yesterday so I can be "stronger than yesterday" and also for the week/last 7 days
5) A summation of my task progress with fellow team members to create competition. Task completion count is an easy display that doesn't need to reveal private task info.

I have more ideas coming from this mindset but I think you get the gist. Text is text. A list of text is just more text in a list. Text even as you read this is not the greatest visual motivator. It takes too much time to mentally comprehend the meaning and even when you do you will rarely reread it.

You are dealing with a visual medium and increasingly so when you got to mobile. Give me meaning of my life through my tasks by making them more meaningful with visual, comparative, and interactive elements or wait for some other company to beat you to it.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Jul 31, 2014 - 16:50 UTC


Thank you very much for your feedback, we'll use it to improve Karma in Todoist :-) Much appreciated.


Garfield Creator  premium
Replied on Jul 31, 2014 - 17:01 UTC

You are welcome :-)

I appreciate your appreciation (+1)

I am awarding you a star for your response for using a visual in it. (star)

I would be happy to offer feedback if there is a beta (+1)

I (heart) the ability to use these visuals in the comments (+1)


Garfield Creator  premium
Replied on Aug 02, 2014 - 15:12 UTC

Just thought I would share. No need for a reply but just adding support material for my request. An infographic on the power of visuals in sales which can just as well be applied to productivity.

I also wanted to indicate that I am not opposed to list. I just feel that a user should drill down to lists from a visual summary. The essence of my thoughts are to show and give a sense of visual progress using Karma instead of a more of a static picture of what is so.


Daniel Brown
Replied on Aug 02, 2014 - 19:31 UTC

I like Garfield Creator suggestions, there is an app created by James Holt A full presentation liking Theory of Constraints with project management and improvements in http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=DPFTJayYrnk

Jonathan Holdsworth  premium
Replied on Aug 04, 2014 - 00:50 UTC

I second the features Garfield suggests