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Change Todoist Thunderbird location



I want to change the position of the Todoist sidebar to the rigth of the window, but i can't find the way to do it.

Is there a way to do that, cause to me is difficult work this way.


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David Trey  staff
Replied on Jul 30, 2014 - 11:42 UTC

Hello Zoe,

Unfortunately, that's not possible, but we'll look into implementing such option in future updates of our plugin.


Replied on Sep 17, 2014 - 14:06 UTC

I second the issue.
Usability seems one of the key features and selling propositions of Todoist.
The left side is occupied by the folder-sidebar. One left, one right sidebare seems much more usere-friendly.

J├╝rgen Binder
Replied on Sep 22, 2014 - 07:37 UTC

I support that request.

Micha Reischuck
Replied on Oct 14, 2014 - 16:08 UTC


Yuriy Gomenyuk  premium
Replied on Jan 03, 2015 - 10:34 UTC


Diana  premium
Replied on Jan 19, 2015 - 07:53 UTC


Replied on Jan 19, 2015 - 20:15 UTC


Curt Watke
Replied on Jan 22, 2015 - 14:19 UTC

I have installed ToDoList, but have NOT used it because it is on the left and not on the right. Let me know when you can move it to the right and I will consider using it. Thanks.

Morgan Leininger  premium
Replied on Mar 30, 2015 - 19:36 UTC

Greetings All!

Just started using ToDoist a few weeks ago, and love it! Great job making it available for so many platforms and with so many plugins to boot...

As a long time Thunderbird user (Mozilla since Netscape beta days, Communicator for email, etc.)...I am overjoyed you saw fit to include an extension for it!

However, as with so many on this forum, the right alignment is (almost) a deal breaker (for using the TB plugin anyway)...

Being a coder, and loving Thunderbird and ToDoist a whole lot, I decompiled your plugin and figured out how to get right alignment!

In Thunderbird, once you add Sunbird (for calendaring support), link it to the ToDoist iCal feed, & install this plugin (separate steps, Sunbird not needed for plugin) you are all set. F9 opens ToDoist on the right. Still have access to Sunbird Today Pane on right too...and all is right in the world :-)

TODOIST STAFF reading this; I'd be happy to share my right align fix; it's super simple, took me a couple hours. I'd be happy to trade my code for 5 years of Premium ToDoist for example :-)

The changes are simple enough that even though you apparently don't have a TB extensions developer on staff any more, any coder will see the changes are so simple as to be negligible (i.e. no extended security review required)...

Galina Skovorodnikova  staff
Replied on Mar 30, 2015 - 19:54 UTC

Hi Morgan,

Thanks a lot for your solution! I will pass it to our team so that they can discuss your offer :-)


Christian M.
Replied on Mar 31, 2015 - 20:10 UTC

I have ToDoIst on the right side of Thunderbird for >1 Year now. It is really simple to do so. There are only a few steps needed. Look here:

Rename "todoist_for_thunderbird-4.3-tb.xpi" into "todoist_for_thunderbird-4.3-tb.zip"

Unzip "todoist_for_thunderbird-4.3-tb.zip"

In the folder chrome/content/global open the file "todoist-MessageView.xul"

Search for these two lines:


and change them to:


Save the file

In the folder chrome/content/global open the file "todoist-Messenger.xul"

Search for these two lines:


and change them to:


Save the file

That's it. All you have to do now is to ZIP all files back into, let's say "todoist_for_thunderbird-4.3-tb_modified.zip" and:

Rename "todoist_for_thunderbird-4.3-tb_modified.zip" to "todoist_for_thunderbird-4.3-tb_modified.xpi"

Open Thunderbird and install "todoist_for_thunderbird-4.3-tb_modified.xpi"

Now you have ToDoIst on your right side of the screen. Enjoy!

florian l.
Replied on Apr 06, 2015 - 15:11 UTC

Solved the problem according to your description within only a few minutes!! Thanks very much, Christian!

Zoe Montiel
Replied on May 28, 2015 - 22:41 UTC

Thanks a lot.

Patrick von der Hagen
Replied on Jun 13, 2015 - 09:35 UTC

+1, really.

Gareth Foster  premium
Replied on Jun 15, 2015 - 23:18 UTC

That works brilliantly - thanks Christian M!

In fact I've added it as a file to this comment.

You need to change the file extension from zip to xpi in order to install into thunderbird.

J Lydia
Replied on Jun 22, 2015 - 02:35 UTC

@Christian M, thanks.

Juan Cazaubon
Replied on Jul 15, 2015 - 15:43 UTC

It works great. Thanks Christian & Gareth.