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Importing Outlook for Mac tasks into Todoist


I am migrating off Outlook for Mac, having chosen Todoist as my new Task manager, and I have loads of repeating tasks, each of which includes a screen of notes, relevant only to that task. Does anyone know of a simple way of "importing" my Outlook Tasks into Todoist? Please note that Outlook can export my Outlook tasks, but only into an Outlook archive file, suffix OLM, which I'm sure cannot be read by other apps.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Jul 25, 2014 - 17:29 UTC

Hello Nigel,

Unfortunately, that's not possible right now. The only workaround would be to prepare a TXT file where each line would be one task and then use the "import from template" option in Todoist (enter a project, click on "Task Actions" - pencil/wrench icon).

The only other way would indeed be typing these tasks manually. Todoist offers very fast task input, if you enter a project you can just type a task, hit tab, enter "every day" or "ev Fri at 2pm" or any other date, hit Enter and you'll see another input field already opened.

Best regards,