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Can I hide tasks with a future date?


I would like to be able to hade tasks that are due in the future.
Like this:
"Go ski in the alps, due March 14, 2015"

Then I would like to be reminded a month in advanced, right now I don't want to have that task visible.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Jul 23, 2014 - 14:28 UTC

Hello Bernt,

Unfortunately, that's not possible right now, at least not within projects. That is - if you go to your today or 7 days or any date-based views, you will never see the task unless it's due today or within the next 7 or more days (depending on the query), but you will see it inside its project.

We may consider adding such option in the future, thought.

Best regards,

Peter  premium
Replied on Nov 02, 2014 - 15:16 UTC

+1 for this feature

Larik  premium
Replied on Jan 10, 2015 - 00:27 UTC

In my task list I've I've creating a task that is in advance of 7 days (Feb 1) and it still displays on my task list. Where is the -7/+7 days controlled?

Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Jan 10, 2015 - 00:32 UTC


Can you show me an example of your 7 days view with a task that far in advance? A screenshot would be helpful. The 7 Days and Today view is your left hand menu.


Larik  premium
Replied on Jan 12, 2015 - 17:36 UTC

Hello, I was looking at the incorrect view. Thanks for pointing out the
correct view. I now see the +-7 days.

Deborah A  premium
Replied on Jan 21, 2015 - 00:01 UTC

+1 on this feature. I have lots of date-dependent tickers (like "renew passport", "renew drivers license", "renew trademark", etc) that aren't due for a year or years to come. It's pointless to have to see these in a project view, they just add clutter as they're not actionable yet. Please add the option. It could be a global setting, such as "hide all future due dates greater than [1 mo | 2 mo | 3 mo | 6 mo | 1 year]".

sbarth  premium
Replied on Feb 25, 2015 - 14:12 UTC

+ 1 one for deborah's suggestion

Norbert Löppenberg  premium
Replied on Feb 25, 2015 - 18:42 UTC


Mark Hessman
Replied on Apr 09, 2015 - 15:41 UTC

This is a necessary feature for me too.

Replied on Jul 01, 2015 - 19:27 UTC


Paul Johnston  premium
Replied on Jul 02, 2015 - 05:18 UTC


Ku  premium
Replied on Jul 18, 2015 - 17:50 UTC


Ben  premium
Replied on Sep 19, 2015 - 06:55 UTC