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Bug: New task without deadline momentarily creates a task with today as deadline


I have a reproducable bug in the iOS app, where a new task is momentarily visible in the today view, even though I explicitly set the deadline to none.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Change view to "Today"
2. Tap the + button at the top right.
3. Give the task a name, fx. "Test".
4. Tap the blue "OK" on the keyboard in the lower right.
5. Tap the Deadline field, which has been prefilled with todays date.
6. Tap the X on the far right to clear the field.
7. Tap the blue "OK" on the keyboard in the lower right.
8. Tap "OK" in the top right to create the task.
9. The task is now visible in the Today view. This is NOT expected, as the task shouldn't have a deadline.
10. Tap the task once so the actions menu opens up below the task, and then tap Edit.
11. The properties for the task show up. Notice that the deadline is set to todays date, even though we cleared the deadline in step 6.

Notice that in step 9, where the task is shown in the list for Today, if you wait about 5 seconds, the task disappears from the list, and is now visible in the Inbox instead. If you change the view to Inbox and edit the task you created, the deadline will correctly be set to empty.

So if you wait 5 seconds after creating the task, the task is moved to the right place and the deadline is correct. But it's very confusing that the task momentarily shows up on the list for Today, and if you edit the task before the task is moved, the deadline will incorrectly be set to today.

Best regards
René Gundersen

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Clyde Romo  staff
Replied on Jul 23, 2014 - 10:37 UTC

Hi René,

Thank you for the detailed report. I have now passed this to our developers and we'll update you once a fix is available.