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After adding a task in Outlook, Todoist wants me to add another task


Using the Outlook extension, when I add a task, Todoist wants to add another task automatically.

Here are the steps to reproduce my issue:

1) Click " + Add Task"
2) Type in a task (e.g. Get Bananas).
3) HIt Enter or the "Add Task Button" to add the task to your list.
4) A new textbox pops up wanting you to type in another task rather than just returning you back to your list.

The problem with this behaviour is this.

If I want to immediately make Bananas a sub-task, I would click on the bananas task and hit the number 2 key while I'm dragging it around to make it a sub level 2. The problem is Todoist leaves the blank task window open that it created after I added bananas, and when I try to move bananas around it doesn't work - it just fills the new task textbox with "222222222222".

What would fix this?

After I add a new task in Outlook that's it - don't create another task that's blank by default and have it sitting there waiting to be filled out.

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Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Jul 21, 2014 - 20:06 UTC


This is the normal behavior for within projects and has been for quite some time. We will consider changing this or allowing different options in the future.


Replied on Jul 22, 2014 - 16:33 UTC

The more I use it the more I'm not sure why it does that. By design I understand, but every time I add a task I have to go out of my way to close the new task added automatically. It's kind of a pain so +1 for future changes.

Can I +1 my own post? LOL