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Show quantity of tasks in quick add notification

Dear todoist,

I love todoist's Quick Add feature in Android.

However, since Android requires continuous notifications to display an every-present icon in the action bar, I'd like to request that you make better use of the space taken up by todoist's icon there.

Instead of showing your stylized D logo (which I'll admit is pretty), could you instead show the number of uncompleted tasks (due today or overdue)?

This would make the android version mirror more exactly the behavior of the chrome extension, the icon of which shows in the browser as a bright read "D" symbol containing the number of uncompleted tasks.

I find that browser icon to be very motivating throughout the day as I try to get my number of uncompleted tasks to zero. And would love to see the same thing in the Android version.


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David Trey  staff
Replied on Jul 21, 2014 - 15:52 UTC

Hello Max,

Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it and will consider your suggestion for future updates.

Please note - our app does not require the use of this icon. If you go to the app's Settings -> Notifications, you can choose whether you want to turn on the Quick Add icon or not. Turning it off won't affect regular reminders.

Best regards,