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(Feature request) Location-based reminders tied to labels


I've recently tried location-based reminders on iOS. They worked like charm, thanks for another great feature!

However, adding them is currently a bit troublesome (too much clicking and also it is not clear how to automatize it, e.g., add such task by sending email).

It would be great if it was possible to pre-define some locations (e.g., home, work, grocery store) and then tie the location to a label (either using existing labeling system or creating location-only labels). Then one could quickly write "buy bread @grocery" and be reminded about this when you're near the store :)

Keep up the great work, Marcin.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Jul 15, 2014 - 13:04 UTC

Hello Marcin,

Thanks a lot for your suggestion, we appreciate it and will consider adding such option in the future :-)

Best regards,

Replied on Oct 31, 2014 - 20:47 UTC

Great idea,

since Todoist promotes GTD as a workflow, such a feature would really kick ass.