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Outlook 2010 tasks to outlook.com via Todoist


So, I have ipad, pc with W7, and my Sony x2 phone talking together and dynamically updating outlook.com . For Calendar,contacts, email, and tasks EXCEPT my PC. aargh.

Happy to use todois free or premium if it can specifically do:

1) Update myoutlook2010tasks to todoist, who then updates outlook.com
2) update to todoist whatever my ipad AND OR z2 have done to outlook.com

All I am trying to do is have outlook 2010 have a 2 way update to and from outlook.com, since Microsoft is incapable of doing so themselves unless I buy outlook 2013. Aaaargh... please say you can help me.

Appreciatively. Jens Guthe
spent a week researching this minute problem that is incredibly irritating, and which you may be able to fix :=)

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Jul 10, 2014 - 14:39 UTC

Hello Jens,

Unfortunately, Todoist can't do that as it doesn't interact between Outlook's own tasks. You can use our plugin in Outlook 2010, but it will show you your Todoist tasks in the Todoist pane on the right, it will not move any of your tasks in Outlook anywhere :-(

Of course there is one great and easy solution - replace Outlook with Todoist, put all your tasks into Todoist and it will seamlessly sync across all 13 supported platforms :-)

Best regards,