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Quick Entry Window


Is there a way I can invoke a separate quick entry window than bringing up the whole application on the screen.

Typically quick entry in work environments needs to be more discrete than showing the inbox on the monitor. Example, when I am doing webex meetings and a action item or task list comes up, I tend to add it directly to the gtd app. In todoist when I try a quick entry, the main screen that shows my entire application with inbox on the presented screen showing my personal tasks if in inbox.

A quick entry should just be a small window that allow me to enter something without being distracted from what I am doing.

Is there a way to to this or is this on the product feature plan.

Trust me, this is a great marketing approach :)
When I was using omni, people ask in meetings, "what did you just do there" and I would reply I am adding task to my gtd system. They would start inquiring about what application and so on. Which is much better than the the whole application pops up with personal tasks showing up and is awkward for the user and is very evident to others about what the app is and how awkward it can be

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Jun 30, 2014 - 17:33 UTC

Hello Devashis,

Thank you for your report. That's indeed not available yet, but we appreciate your suggestion and will consider adding such option in the future :)

Best regards,