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How to search for unassigned tasks?


There are two filters I'd like to add:

1 - Unassigned tasks in shared projects

2 - Any task assigned to me or (created by me + unassigned)

I'm struggling to make this happen with the filter language. I'm assuming my second filter will be an extension of the first, so focussing on that for a moment:

For all unassigned tasks I tried both:

:all: & !:to_me: & !:to_others:
!:to_me: & !:to_others:

The first of these shows up one random task assigned to someone else in a shared project (but not other tasks assigned to them - very strange) as well as any personal tasks in unshared projects. I'd like to be able to filter this to shared projects (or even to a specified project and it's sub-projects).
The second doesn't show any results, ever.

**Any help with this much appreciated!**

Right now, not being able to quickly spot unassigned tasks in shared projects is going to be a real headache (i.e. we'll have to do this by manually searching each project).

And not being able to get a consolidated view of all of my own tasks (the second filter I want to create) is similarly a pain.

To me - it would be a lot simpler if tasks in unshared projects are assigned to the creator (even if this remains invisible to avoid a GUI change) as then the searches would be a bit easier. It's almost like dealing with two different systems when there are shared and unshared projects with different rules?

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Daniel Merriott
Replied on Jun 28, 2014 - 06:22 UTC

The above was through the web interface on a Mac using Safari. On my iPhone the above filters show all tasks! Why would the results be different?

Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Jun 28, 2014 - 17:19 UTC

Hi Daniel,

Our iOS app does have some issues with filters which we are looking into resolving, I assume this part of the same issue.

As for the filters, you seem to be correct and even :all: & !:to_others: does not seem to want to work. I will pass this along to the developers to see what is going on.


Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Jul 03, 2014 - 14:51 UTC


There may have been a mis-understanding. As :all: shows all tasks, and :to_others: shows all tasks you assigned to others. So there is no need for this filter, as they provide both the same information.