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Set start dates?


I'm requesting that the Todoist team make adding start dates as a settable parameter a high priority item on their roadmap.

Because of the nature of what I do, a number of my tasks are multi-day tasks. They are not really conducive to breaking up into multiple tasks, and I don't work exclusively on one of these tasks to completion without working on other tasks - they are generally things where there is a window of time to work on them, and I work on them intermittently through that window of time.

One example might be a task for an online course I'm taking where I have an assignment due on a specific date. The assignment might open on, say, Monday and is due in two weeks. Ideally, I would be able to have a single task for this. There would be a start date/time reminder that fires the day the assignment opens (start date). The task then starts showing up on my to-do list for the day, with the due date also being shown, much as the associated project is now. It would show on my to-do list every day (unless I mark it complete), but would NOT show as overdue unless I miss the due date, which is also set, and has a reminder set as well. I would have the reminder of this task being available to work on whenever I had a free period to deal with it or it bubbled up to the top of the list priority-wise, but would not have to take any action in my task management routines to deal with it until it was close to being due.

Right now, I would use a clunky workaround:
1) I create a task for the assignment that uses the start date of the assignment as the "due date" and a reminder firing at the time the assignment is to be available to start working.
2) I create a sub-task "Assignment due" with the required turn in time set as the due date, and a reminder that fires a day before.

This does not solve the wish for the task to appear on my to-do list daily until done without needing daily intervention and without showing as overdue, and it's, as I say, clunky to use two tasks to do the work that should be readily done in a single task.

To keep the task on my daily to-do list, I've already considered adding a recurring task, but I don't find that a long-term solution. One, it would require managing a task on a daily basis that I might not actually be looking at daily (not efficient!), and secondly, until recurring tasks are actually not broken (i.e., they have a settable fixed length and/or end date for recurrence) it means adding yet another action that has to be remembered and executed (moving said task to history).

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Jun 20, 2014 - 19:25 UTC

Hello Trish,

Thank you very much for your detailed feedback, we appreciate it :) We'll consider adding such feature in future updates, though unfortunately we can't specify a timeframe for it yet.

Best regards,

Replied on Oct 15, 2014 - 04:24 UTC

I agree - this should be a standard component of any time management/to-do list program. Even the Outlook task list can do this, and it is a fairly basic set-up. I REALLY would like this feature added, and from all of the posts I have seen on your forum, I know I am not alone.

Rebecca Young  premium
Replied on Jan 16, 2015 - 17:04 UTC

I agree. I'm an attorney, and if I really only used the deadline as the due date in Todoist, I would have a disaster. So I wind up putting slews of things on "Today," so I don't forget them, and then get mired in a way too-long list that can be overwhelming. Thanks so much for a wonderful product.

Jeff  premium
Replied on Jan 20, 2015 - 09:23 UTC

Any plans for introducing Start / Defer dates yet? It would open the market for Todoist to the large amount of people that are in to GTD.

David Trey  staff
Replied on Jan 20, 2015 - 12:50 UTC

Hello Jeff,

We're working on a rewrite of our date parser which will allow us to support more date formats hopefully also date ranges.


S.V.S.V.Maaruthi  premium
Replied on Jan 20, 2015 - 13:17 UTC

Good point Trish

I would also recommend this feature.

Jeff  premium
Replied on Jan 20, 2015 - 18:12 UTC

Thanks for your reply David.

Hopefully it will support startdates. That would really make a dream come true:

The best taskmanager on the planet finally suitable for GTD!

iswalker  premium
Replied on Jan 30, 2015 - 19:25 UTC


Virat Parikh  premium
Replied on Jan 30, 2015 - 19:58 UTC


Jesper Philipp  premium
Replied on Feb 27, 2015 - 09:27 UTC

I really like todoist, but had to go back to ToDo by Appigo, as they have start date. The minute Todoist have start date I will go back because you have better integration with gmail, windows, outlook etc. and strong filters. So please implement start dates.

JamesB  premium
Replied on Feb 27, 2015 - 10:20 UTC


s.erofeef  premium
Replied on Feb 27, 2015 - 10:52 UTC

Date range should be a standard option for customers

christoff  premium
Replied on Aug 21, 2015 - 07:27 UTC

start dates are critical in using total workday control as described by Michael Linenberger

a key feature for this product

Rick Carter  premium
Replied on Aug 21, 2015 - 14:35 UTC

My workaround is, for an example of a task due on 8/31 I can start on 8/22, to make a task with the title:
!!#DUE 2015/08/31!! Assignment 34
and make the task date "8/22".

Then the date's highly visible, and I can forward as needed and I can see I shouldn't forward it past 8/31.

Of course, one could make it an every 1 day task starting 8/22 and ending 8/31 if you wanted to check off the days that you partially worked on it for whatever reason; however, if you're not finished on 8/31 and check it off, it will disappear (so I don't tend to use end dates very often unless there's no way something can be late, like I'm at an out-of-town seminar and there's readng the night before every night and there's really no way to turn it in late)