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Save file from computer not apearing


Hi There

I have a number of issues. Please respond by numbering system so that Iknow how to address each one. Thank you so much

1) When I try to upload a file using the Mac desktop App, it only gives me the save file from DropBox and google Drive option. I need the option to save from my Computer as well. Also, when I try the Google Drive option it tells me that Drive is only supported through the browser option and I am not wanting to use dropbox.
Please help!!!

2) I also cannot upload voice notes, it says my browser does not support HTML5, which is rubbish, I'm using Google chrome as a browser. This option does not work for either my desktop version or my Thunderbird plugin on my mac.
Please Help!!!

3) Lastly, how do I access my archived Todoist stuff. I cant seem to find it anywhere in my options. As soon as i archive my tasks or project, I have no way have regaining access to those details if necessary.
Please Help!!!

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Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Jun 18, 2014 - 23:39 UTC

Hi Leon,

1. Our Mac App uses the Safari engine, and sadly it does not support HTML5 which is required to use those uploading options. As for computer selection, are you able to drag and drop a file there and does it attach? We did previously have an issue where the selection does not work, but dragging does, I believe we recently removed the option now, but dragging should work.

2. Please clarify, do you try to attach a voice note on the website version within Chrome or an extension? Chrome does not allow file uploads within extensions (voice are considered file uploads). If you referring to the desktop Mac App, this would be the same issue as mentioned in #1. Though, the Thunderbird plugin I do believe should be working, does it give the same error message?

3. Under the list of projects there should be a button "Archived Projects" that you can click and grab them. As for completed tasks, they are within each project at the bottom of the list, the clock icon./