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How can Premium users monitor progress on requested features now that Votebox is gone?

It is much harder to follow how ToDoist development is keeping up with user feature requests now that the Votebox and its "In Progress", "Completed" categories has been disabled.

I'm of the mindset "What gets measured gets done". TodDoist has foundations to be a great Productivity App and that is why up to now I have invested in its future through the purchase of a Premium account. The Votebox kept ToDoist development accountable to its paying user base. Without a clearer picture of ToDoist's roadmap and priorities and with so many other Productivity apps in the market I find myself exploring other options to see if there is an alternative that has filled some of ToDoists functionality gaps.

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Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Jun 18, 2014 - 19:14 UTC

Hi Daniel,

If you head to the Votebox right now it does explain our reasoning behind closing the Votebox. We are still recording your requests and complaints and everything in between. We take all of it into consideration and record it.

The process of our development has not changed, but overall we feel this is a better system. If you may have noticed certain votebox requests become negative, because we haven't done anything yet. Even though its still the same process for us, now people do not directly know what is going on, so they are either content with what we have, or excited when we release a new feature. The Votebox was never 100% truthful as to what we were really working on, so having it closed makes no difference in the end.

That being said, that is how it works now, but on our end,it has always been the same. We keep track of what people want, and complaints, and we work accordingly alongside our ideas.

I hope none of that sounds negative, it's not. What I'd like you to take away is that nothing has changed in terms of how we develop and move forward.