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Solving start dates



This is not a question but a solution for those wanting a start date. This works well for me since in my work and life there are not may real due dates. Most tasks I need to tackle can be done within a reasonable limit but should not take to long. For that reason I use the following system.

1) I use due dates as start dates so that when the pop up on my Today list I should start working on them. I use Karma to set an imaginary 3 day window for me since after 3 days of overdue you get negative Karma.

2) For real due dates or deadlines I keep the date with the task text, e.g. Send report #25 Jun. I can then assign a due date to indicate when I should start working on it. I use the hastag so I can search for all tasks with deadlines. For those with many deadlines that need to be looked at regularly the task could look like this: #06. 25 Send report. That way a search for hastag would list all deadlines based on date.

By doing this my today list (p1 | overdue | today) shows all tasks that I should start working on and when it's relevant real due dates are visible in the task text. I don't like how tasks are separated by overdue and today so by adding p1 to the search I get one list that floats oldest tasks to the top. I guess p1 can be replaced with anything that is not date related to get some results.

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Arnar Egilsson
Replied on Jun 17, 2014 - 14:27 UTC

Oh and if you want to make the deadline stand out you can bold it by adding !! in front and after the date: !!#25. Jun!!

Benjamin  premium
Replied on Apr 28, 2015 - 07:22 UTC

A far better solution is to switch to a task manager that allows one to set a start date as well as a due date for tasks.