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Sync issues with Chrome app


I use Todoist on 3 devices: Android and 2 PCs. The PCs both have Chrome app. For clarity let's call them: Android, Chrome1 and Chrome2.

1. I create some tasks in Chrome1
2. Then I work with Android and Chrome2, and mark tasks I created in Chrome1 as completed
3. The next day, I come back to Chrome1, open the app, and those tasks I've completed are still there in the inbox. Refreshing doesn't help.
4. After I re-login into Chrome1 app, the tasks finally disappear.

This happens often and the order is different each time. Sometime I have to re-login in Chrome2 to make completed tasks disappear. This is very annoying. For now I don't have exact steps to reproduce the issue, I'll try to experiment more, but you should know that there is a problem somewhere in your product.

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Clyde Romo  staff
Replied on Jun 17, 2014 - 07:03 UTC

Hi Andrew,

Thank for providing such a detailed report! As soon as you find the exact steps, please let us know as that would greatly improve the chances of finding and fixing this issue. Just to let you know, we are committed to fixing these types of issues but sometimes, it's hard to pin them down without the necessary information.