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Upgrads and pictures as project icons

:-o I signed for the regular todoist, then I purchased the premium todoist. Nothing changed that I could see from the regular to the premium edition-- i doint think it was ever installed into my ipad version that i use for my business.
Nevertheless, i recently signed up for a trial of the business edition. However, the business addition has not been applied to my ipad either. I only have 15 or 18 days to try the business edition. How do I make the premium edition get installed into my iPad version that I am using? Is it not supposed to happen automatically?

Moreover, and more important, how do I make the business version appear in my iPad. In other words, I have been using to do list, and I want a seamless transition into the business edition, including all my taskes and projects and stuff being pulled into the business addition, so I will not have to retype all my information. I am assuming this is the way it works, but it has not worked with me. I am interested in purchasing the business edition, but I am afraid to purchase it at this time, since I was never upgraded to the premium addition.

Also, I have a question about task icons. Sometimes a task icon is in the shape of a little person, but most of the times task icon is in the shape of a box. I am using to do list as a way to get clients (almost as a referral and Client management software). I therefore would prefer the little person icon. How do I make sure I have that icon rather than the box.
As I am horrible with names, but good at remembering faces, can I get the business edition to add a picture of peoples faces rather than the icon of a man or the icon of a box? This would help greatly in my being able to quickly identify my various contacts and potential clients.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Jun 09, 2014 - 19:46 UTC


Please make sure that you're logging into the same account, using the same credentials and the same login method (manual or via Google) on every platform. According to our database, you have one Biz account linked to your GMail address and one non-biz (free) account linked to a Fusterlaw email address so again, please make sure you're logging to the Gmail account everywhere as this is the one that's Premium and on Biz.

Also, you may need to log out and back in after purchasing Premium or Biz.

As for icons and shapes:

1. If you're referring to the colored icons next to project names, these are always a circle if the project is private (not shared) and always head-shaped if the project is shared.

2. If you're referring to the avatars of assigned persons, these are always a square containing the initials of the person if this person has not uploaded their photo in Settings -> Account and they are a photo if such picture has been uploaded. That said, if you prefer to see a photo, please ask your colleagues to upload their photos in their account settings.

Best regards,

A. David Fuster, II, Esq.
Replied on Jun 10, 2014 - 03:14 UTC

Thank you. I will try to log out and then log in under the Gmail account. Also, please cancel all accounts that have the fusterlaw account. I will never be using these, and therefore you can disregard them.

Also, I wasn't really asking about avatars for assigned persons. I was asking about the little icons for the project name. Specifically, I was asking whether i can use a picture of a real person as theicon for a project. You see, my projects involve working on people, and getting people to sign up forlegal services. It would be helpful if I can look at a glance and review projects, not upon the person's name (which I will inevitably forget)conferences, but on the face of the person (since I am good with faces was Betsy's.

Clyde Romo  staff
Replied on Jun 10, 2014 - 06:02 UTC


Regarding cancelling account, do you mean deleting them? We don't have any capability to delete accounts in behalf of users so you'll to delete these on your own.

As for assigning pictures as project icons, unfortunately that is not possible to do that right now. We'll look into possibly integrating this functionality in the future.