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after payment is still trial

I paid the annual subscription to Todoist through application on iPhone.
In the appendix there is a message on the iPhone that I joined a premium membership.
But when I go into the web interface of the application through a computer Internet browser then there is a message:

'You are using the trial version will expire 13 days. $ Buy Now.'

What's wrong? :-(

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Николай Стрижаков
Replied on Jun 09, 2014 - 16:23 UTC

I need a 'business' version of the membership, not just a 'premium'.
But in my ignorance, I paid 'premium' directly from the application in iPhone.
As a result, I have a 'premium' but not 'business' account.
How can I change the type of account?
If need be, I'll pay extra difference in price.
Otherwise it loses its meaning, I chose Todoist only because of the opportunities "business" account.

thanks for the answer

David Trey  staff
Replied on Jun 09, 2014 - 18:53 UTC

Hello Nikolay,

Currently, there's no option to move to Business from Premium without paying for Business again. We are working on this option now so it should be available very soon.

For now, we can offer you 2 solutions:

1. Once you pay for Business, we will add an extra year on top of it, based on the fact that you've paid for Premium already.

2. You can contact Apple, they would refund 70% of your purchase price and then you could buy TD Biz.

Unfortunately, the second option could be a bit inconvenient due to the fact that you've paid through the Apple Store and Apple doesn't allow us (or any other devs) to manage refunds on our end (unlike all other payment options we support).

Please let me know in case you'd prefer the first option and once you've paid for Biz, I'll check if your Premium status increased accordingly and if it hasn't, I'll extend it by the extra year.

Best regards,