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Sync between Business and free accounts doesn't work


Yesterday, I upgraded my account from Premium to Business account and also added one of my colleagues. He then added new tasks to one project which were not synced with me.
I then downgraded to Premium account and his account to a free account and re-created the tasks and then it worked.
I'm now skeptical if we really should switch to Business and would like to renew my test account but that's not possible (I would have to pay for it). Can you renew it for me for at least a week to test it again?

Otherwise we are happy TD users and if it works, you will have at least 10 additional paying subscribers from my company :-)


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David Trey  staff
Replied on Jun 06, 2014 - 13:56 UTC

Hello Roman,

We're sorry to hear that. It was most likely a caching issue and either logging out and back in or clearing the browser's cache would have solved it. I can assure you that there should certainly be no sync issues with Biz. In fact, there's absolutely no difference in the sync process between Premium and Biz, the only difference is that one variable that sets the status of your account changes from Premium to Biz and based on that you get access to the Team Inbox.

That said, please tell me - did this happen in the Inbox or Team Inbox project or a regular custom project? Did your colleague accept the invitation and has not started the Biz trial himself before you've invited him?

Best regards,