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Time when i do the tast


First, sorry for my english...

I ve a question.
I have actually a "to do management tool" made by myself with the programm microsoft acces.
One important thing for me is, to integrated the time, when i have made the task.

Is it possible with Todoist to save the time when do you have finished the task? Ans can i research the time after 6 mounth?

Thank you for your help

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Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Jun 02, 2014 - 20:55 UTC

Hi Schmitz,

You can see the completion date from the Karma Score at the top right (beside the + & bell icon). You will see completed tasks sorted by the days, and the times they were finished. You can of course sort this different ways. To be clear, this is a Premium feature.

As for implementing this into your software, I don't believe you can grab completed date, only completed items. You can take a look at our API. http://todoist.com/api


Schmitz Romano  premium
Replied on Jun 02, 2014 - 21:07 UTC

Thanks for the fast answer.

Ok for premium feature.
Can i sort task after 6 mounth for read when i do the task?
Or is the list automaticlly delete after 14 days? ( i read anything like this on this internet site)

Tank you for your help

Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Jun 02, 2014 - 21:11 UTC


The list is never deleted, you can always see the tasks that you have completed.