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Password across devices?


Hi, I'm a premium subscriber and I've used todoist at work for a while. I just got a new job and relinquished my laptop for my prior position. I changed my password, assuming this would stop whomever uses my old laptop next from accessing my account, but I noticed on my ipad that changing the password on the web does not seem to require I enter a new password on the ipad. It just happily syncs. So I'm worried that my prior work laptop is doing the same thing and that whomever has my old laptop will be able to see my to-do list. This is a big problem since my new job will have many confidential tasks. Please advise. I may need to cancel my account if this is really an issue.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on May 25, 2014 - 21:31 UTC

Hello Jennifer,

If you've changed your password on your laptop and then logged out of Todoist - then this should not be a problem. If you've stayed logged in then whoever accesses it will in fact also stay logged in.

The bigger issue is the browser's cookies and auto-complete. Did you clear it all so that when someone clicks in any login field of any app, they will not see your email being suggested and the password remembered? This affects all apps and sites.

Best regards,