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Bug: in Russian locale selected date is not applied



Thanks for developing such a great thing. I'm using Premium and fully satisfied with your cool features.

However, I found a bug, when started using iphone app.

Make sure you have russian locale in device settings.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Install the app and sign in.
2. Create new task.
3. Fill in mandatory fields.
4. Choose any date within 7-days period from today (don't fill in text shortcut, just scroll and select).
5. Tap proceed.

Defect: app populates validation error.
When we choose the date, the field of the date is populated with russian string (Сегодня), though app understands (today). If we manually fill in today - works normal.
Expected result: actually, don't know what is designed :)
I think either
1) app understands "Сегодня", populated in the field as today
2) app transforms selected russian date into common shortcut as today or monday.

Repro rate: 10/10
Devices info: iPhone 5 iOS 7.1.1, iPad 2 iOS 7.0
Reproducible on both my wife and mine accounts.

Please, prioritize the fix, this is not a good example of friendly UX.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on May 23, 2014 - 12:22 UTC

Hello Artyom,

Our app should fully understand Russian dates, but to do so, your phone's local settings must also be set to Russian. Note - I'm not referring to the language settings, but the setting below that, the one that defines what calendar and local date format you want to use on your phone.

Please check if Russian is selected there and let me know.

Best regards,

Artyom Prishchepov
Replied on May 23, 2014 - 16:51 UTC

Correct, that was the point. Our language settings were russian, though we used US in local settings. The problem is solved, thank you.

Radek Petr  premium
Replied on Jun 23, 2014 - 19:31 UTC

Hi, I have the exact same problem as Artyom described. I made sure my language and locale settings are set to czech. I have also tried to reinstall the app but nothing has helped. After a czech-formated date is entered into a todo form (create or edit) a validation error occures.

iPad 3, iOS 7.1.1
Todoist latest version

Best regards,

Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Jun 23, 2014 - 19:59 UTC


Can you show us (screenshot) or written exactly what the error message says?


Radek Petr  premium
Replied on Jun 23, 2014 - 21:08 UTC

Please see the attachment. "23 čvn" is today and it is inserted automatically.

If I use the schedule dialog everything works well but it does not work well in the create/edit dialog.


David Trey  staff
Replied on Jun 23, 2014 - 21:19 UTC

Hello Radek,

Thank you for your report, we'll look into this. For now, the workaround would be to change the local settings on your phone from Czech to English. The language setting itself could stay Czech. This would force the phone to insert English dates.

Best regards,

David Trey  staff
Replied on Jul 03, 2014 - 16:24 UTC


This issue has been fixed and the fix will be deployed in the next upcoming update of our app.

Best regards,

Radek Petr  premium
Replied on Jul 03, 2014 - 19:27 UTC


Thank you very much,