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Custom filter JUST stopped working


Hi there,

I have a really long custom filter I use to sort to-dos for today, while seperating out stuff for home (using two different @home labels). Has been working fine for months, until...5 minutes ago.

Here is the wicked complex filter query: over due & !@home1 & !@home2, today & !@home1 & !@home2, @thiswk & !today & !over due & !@home1 & !@home2, p1 & !@home1 & !today & !over due & !@home2, p2 & !@home1 & !today & !over due & !@home2.

Any suggestions? Have you just changed the rules to limit the length of a query?

The error message says: No tasks matches your query.

There are actually no tasks that match this part: "over due & !@home1 & !@home2, today & !@home1 & !@home2". But there are tasks that match the rest of the query. Shouldn't they still filter through?

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David Trey  staff
Replied on May 23, 2014 - 12:30 UTC

Hello Quentin,

Please try to group each section with parenthesis and let me know if it helps. That is - use this filter:

(od & !@home1 & !@home2), (tod & !@home1 & !@home2), (@thiswk & !today & !od & !@home1 & !@home2), (p1 & !@home1 & !today & !od & !@home2), (p2 & !@home1 & !today & !od & !@home2)

It's an extremely complex filter, though containing multiple date-based "section-type" queries in itself. For example, "overdue" (or "od") will always try to split the results by date. !od would try to do the same. In some cases you mix them with "today". but if it really did always work correctly, it still should as we haven't made any changes to filters at least not on web-based apps, only on mobile.

Best regards,