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Lots of questions about Windows version

1. Cannot move the task using keyboard. Should move my hand to get mouse or touchpad. Is there any "move" shortcut? And "delete" too.

2. Drag-n-drop in Android works like a charm. But in windows I should use specific handler for dragging with mouse. Please make it as brilliant as in android version.

3. Windows ver have some strange Maximize-Minimize-Bug. App's window is foreground and maximized. Now I'm tapping on todoist's application button on taskbar so OS minimized todoist. Next I'm tapping again on the taskbar button again and application restored. But it is not maximized anymore and I should max it again. Please fix it.

4. Please kill bottom red line with "Upgrade and get more done". I'm really going to buy premium subscription cause you're the best. But don't annoy me.

Anyway in three days usage I like your app and will recommend it to my friends. :-)

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Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on May 12, 2014 - 21:18 UTC


1. These are pretty much the shortcuts we have. http://todoist.com/Help/KeyboardShortcuts We will consider adding more in the future.

2. Thanks for the suggestion.

3. You can change how this works from the menu. Click the TD icon in the system tray, Configuration and change the "Close Bahavior.

4.We will consider changing this in the future as well.


catiome  premium
Replied on May 12, 2014 - 21:50 UTC

1. I read all shortcuts and found usable ones for me. I even changed the message that wanted to write. But these shortcuts are not enough to basic mouseless usage of app.

3. I think I wasn't clear. When I'm double clicking to the tray icon the app maximizes and minimizes its windows as it should be. If the window was maximized before double click it will be max after being restored by second double click on tray icon of minimized application. But if I'm doing same actions with taskbar button - one click to minimize app and one click to restore it back to previous state, app's window doesn't restores to the state it was before the first click on taskbar button. If it was maximized in the beginning it will have state normal/restore (in terms of windows platform sdk) instead of maximized. And now I should max it again with the button on titlebar.

5. And one more thing. Parent task and its child task are looks ok in inbox. But in today or week view subtask is duplicated after the tree in the same level as parent. See the shots.

David Trey  staff
Replied on May 12, 2014 - 22:41 UTC


We'll look into the issue reg. restoring the app's window.

Reg. duplicated sub-tasks - that's an intended behavior. If you search for "today", you'll see all tasks due today regardless of their indent level. If both a parent and a sub-task match this date, you'll see both, but additionally, whenever a parent task is displayed, you have the option to expand it to see which sub-tasks in contains for reference.

That's the only way we can make sure you won't miss any sub-tasks, but also have the option to check what tasks a parent contains.

Best regards,