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1. I am actively looking for a real world task / event app. Tried most.
2. Not at all impressed with your web site.. Which I explored to try and understand how your app works. I hate promotional videos which spend more time in style than content. I wasted my time looking at these.
3. I downloaded and tried it. Now I understand why the web site says so little.

A. Entry of date is a joke. It feels like a million clicks to set a due date in mid June. Ok.. The schedule button is better, but that requires double entry. Basic usability missing. Strike 1.
B. I cannot set a start date. Any task must be able to set a start date. Strike 2.
C. I can see today and next week, but not next month or a longer term view. strike 3.
D. Other than a list by Today / This Week, there is no calendar function. I cannot see how my week or month are committed. It is not good enough to know my highest priority, I also need to see what other time commitments and appointments are competing for space.
E. Not obvious how I can delegate a task. Probably need the premium version. The big issue I see with projects is that when a project is shared, all tasks in the project are shared. In my scenario other tasks may be for competing contractors on the same project, so I want them to see their tasks and not see other tasks.

The only good feature I see is multi level projects. I do not know how that works in practice, but as the basic task management / time management is so basic, I do not see myself going to the effort to test this.

I will await your reply, but my current view is that this is just too basic, will not be using it and will be recommending other project team members not to use this app.

Please convince me otherwise.

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Matt OBrien
Replied on May 07, 2014 - 11:15 UTC

I found how to Share a project. Again, from my perspective, the other project members can change dates. Impossible to control.

Looks like you have the basic platform, but not real world task management or a decent security model.

Iain MacDonald
Replied on May 07, 2014 - 11:44 UTC

I'm not a power user by any means, but in answer to a couple of your points.

To enter a date, you can just click Add Task and type, for example, 15 Jun in the due date field. You don't have to use the date picker to get to June.

Today and Next 7 Days are given as default views. But you can create others using Filters. For example, I have filters for Next 30 Days and Tasks with no Due Date.

A Calendar might be useful but I guess Todoist is sticking with what it does well without overcomplicating it. I tend to have Todoist open alongside Calendar on my Mac with a Todoist calendar which imports all my tasks into Calendar.

David Trey  staff
Replied on May 07, 2014 - 14:33 UTC

Hello Matt,

As Ian mentioned, it's all available except for a calendar view.

Add a task, hit TAB then type "15 Jun", or "tomorrow" or "in 20 days" or "every Friday"- all that will work. Search for "30 days" to see your tasks for a month, set it as a default view, save as a filter, use start dates for recurring tasks by typing "every 7 days starting Monday".

Best regards,

Dragan Ruzic  premium
Replied on May 07, 2014 - 15:03 UTC

Filters are really good and I'm using them too to look further in the coming time slots.
Sharing only specific tasks from the same projects - now _that_ would be good.
Matt has his contractors who don't need to look into each others tasks, and I have musicians I collaborate with on songs.
If I have a project for each song (nested under the main projects named after the CD we're working on) and I work with a bass player, drummer, pianist etc, they should only need to see their own particular assignments.
Just think if there's a complex arrangement with all together 40-50 tasks, all those moments can be overwhelming for a single player who is maybe working on several songs and on different CDs etc etc.

An example of use, dream come true:
I want to share a big project (CD recording...) with all songs created as sub-projects.
Within those I'd like to share individual tasks with different people.
When they login they should see the big project and all sub-projects, then when they click on each, only their tasks are visible.
It's already possible to click on a Project in TD with nested sub-projects and the list in the middle pane shows neatly all sub-projects and tasks.

This would be an ideal view and UI for a hired studio musician I'm working with.
If this sharing isn't possible with the free version, I could easily consider buying a year of TD to them as well, and they may get hooked on the app later on...

On the personal matter, I found Matt's tone in his initial message quite harsh. We all have a choice to use or not use software that we have on trial.
Guys at Todoist are very responsive and from my point of view, it's rather difficult to work on so many platforms.
They're biting a big apple here and as much as I admire it (and it's the main reason why I'm using TD), it's slowing them down as well.

Dragan Ruzic  premium
Replied on May 07, 2014 - 15:06 UTC

Matt, may I suggest that you also look at Pagico, and app that has some great viewing options, if you're on a Mac and iOs they're there for you.

Matt OBrien
Replied on May 07, 2014 - 15:34 UTC

First of all.
1. Thanks for all the great feedback.
2. I re-read my post and it does come across as harsh. My apologies. I was just about to give up on the app and decided to at least provide my gut feedback in case it would be of benefit to the developers / marketeers of the product.
3. I can see the "filters" as very useful.
4. Smart date entry also useful. I can see how I would develop my own shorthand.

But. .......

5. I cannot see how I can get around the start date. I may need to start something 2 weeks before its due (or delegate) . I do not want to miss this when I review this week / next week activity because the end date is so far ahead.

6. I see a calendar view as important.

7. The project model is based on collaborative teams. This is good in its own sense and will probably work for a lot of projects, but if I have several (software or construction) contractors working on multiple projects, I cannot share the dialogue with the wider project team. Also, I cannot allow others to add tasks or adjust deadlines.Some of these contractors may be competing with each other. For practical as well as contractual reasons I wish to limit any dialogue between me and the contractor as private.

The CD example above is good. Project members see what they are tasked to do and not overloaded with a much larger project programme.

The fact that it is on so many platforms is great. I do see (and noted above) that the platform is there. It needs some extra features (start date, calendar views) and a better project security model.


David Trey  staff
Replied on May 07, 2014 - 16:47 UTC


5. Set the task to "every day starting 15 Jun" - the first due date will be 15 Jun and each day you work on this task, you complete it and it moves to the next day so you can see that it's something you need to do again. Once you completely finish the task, hold the SHIFT key while checking it off and it will disappear for good.

This is one way of managing this. The alternative would be to set the task at a fixed date that will be treated as the deadline, for example "30 Jun" and then, if you don't need to see the task due every day, add a reminder to it for "15 Jun at 2pm" and you'll either get an email, SMS or push notification (or all of the above, if you set multiple reminders) on this date and time and can start working on this.

The third option is to set the task to "30 Jun" as above, but then use recurring reminders so you can set the reminder to "every day at 2pm starting 15 Jun" - this way, the task still has a single deadline, but the reminder will come in every day since 15 Jun on 2pm.

7. You can set one main parent project which you share with your team and multiple sub-project where each sub-project will be shared just with one contractor, only the contractor and you will have access to it.

If that's still not a good solution, you could of course continue to contact them via email and instead of sharing just use labels such as @John_D or @contractorA so you can keep track of who's responsible for a task privately without them having any access to these projects.

Best regards,