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What is the development cycle of ToDoist?

I ask because it's taking a very long time to get any new features. At least as far as I could see. Looking at the completed items in the votebox, I see items asked since 2011 now showing up as completed, 3 years later.

I like the features of ToDoist, but there are other up and coming ones that look very promising. Simple things like creating filters with projects, or sorting labels are all answered with a "we will consider this for an upcoming release." Honestly, I would like a yes or no answer to whether it can and will be done. -_-;

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Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on May 05, 2014 - 23:50 UTC

Hi Sachin,

We are always working on new features, ideas we have, ideas that come from the votebox's and suggestions. Sharing which was one of the largest requested items, is one of the new features that was released.

We are working on some business related features, and there are some better file support coming soon. Depending on what the feature it, and when we start working, it may take awhile, or it may take no time at all.

If you want a yes or no answer to the ones you mention, then it would be yes, but it's not that simple. Yes we plan to improve and add as many things as people want without compromising what we believe. Filtering for projects I believe is something fairly simple, and may get added soon.