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Gmail extension doesn't sync properly


I make changes in the web version, which are immediately synced to my iPhone. However, those changes _do not_ show up in the Gmail extension.

In one tab in Chrome, in the Today view, I have no overdue tasks (and this is correct).

In another tab, my Gmail is open, and in the Todoist window, I have 4 overdue items, from 6, 3, and 2 days ago. This is incorrect. I cannot figure out how to get them to be the same.

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Replied on May 01, 2014 - 16:54 UTC

Additional note: this problem may be limited to Chrome. In Firefox the same problem did not seem to arise.

David Trey  staff
Replied on May 01, 2014 - 17:45 UTC

Hello Lydia,

This can be caused by the fact that you have Todoist opened in another tab in Chrome. In such case both the web version and the extension share the same session in Chrome (same IP, same browser) so the browser may decide to only update one "instance", most likely the full web-version instead of the extension.

Please try to reload Chrome and only open Gmail without accessing Todoist in another tab and see if it helps. If it doesn't, go to Chrome's Advanced Settings -> Content Settings -> All cookies and site date, find and delete Todoist's data (search for todoist in the top-right corner), reload the browser and then open Gmail.

Best regards,

Replied on May 02, 2014 - 14:05 UTC


I don't have Todoist open in another tab of Chrome, but I did at one time. I wiped the Todoist data as you suggested and that did work.

What I do have is Todoist open in Firefox while I also have it open in Chrome. I hope that isn't going to cause any problems as it is integral to the way I work, but time will tell.

Thanks for your help.