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Task from TD Gmail will not open i gmail

Whan i have put an e-mail as a task i Gmail, and then archives it, it will not open when i click the link in the TD Gmail App. It opens a new window and in that window i can log in again. Doing so, it will not open the message, it only takes me to my inbox.

The task was added with in the Gmail app. Its been like this for to day, before that it worked fine.

Please advice cos i love the feature.


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David Trey  staff
Replied on Apr 24, 2014 - 12:02 UTC

Hello Andreas,

Please tell me - are you using a Preview Pane Gmail Labs extension?

If not, please open a message in your inbox, copy/paste the URL you see in your browser when you read the message, add it as a task, then archive it, open it in the archive and compare the URL you'll see then to the one you've copied before archiving and the one you see in the bottom-left corner when hovering over the link to this mail in Todoist.

If there are any differences in this URL at all, please let me know what these differences are. Also, if you're using multiple accounts, this could cause an issue, especially if you'll see /u/1 in the URL and /u/0 in the link to the email in Todoist.

Best regards,