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Double Counting of Tasks in Project Panel



On Android (4.3 phone and 4.2.2 tablet both running latest Todoist) the number of tasks for some projects is incorrect in the projects panel and it appears to be double counting. This only occurs when the project is fully collapsed i.e. when you should be seeing the total number of tasks in the whole project. You need to have at least two levels of sub projects for this to occur.

For example if you set up the following structure you can see that there are 6 tasks in total.

Project Count with 1 task
.Project A with no tasks
..Project AA with 1 task
..Project AB with 2 tasks
.Project B with 2 tasks

On the web interface the count is correct, no matter how you collapse or expand the project. On both my Android devices the counts are correct when the project is fully expanded. However if you fully collapse the project so you only see one line then the count is 9. It's as if the number of tasks within Project A, which has no tasks, is being counted as well as the actual tasks in Projects AA and AB. If I add a task to Project A then when collapsed the total number of tasks displayed is 10 instead of 7.

Hope you can recreate and fix this as the double counting gave me a bit of a shock the other day!



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David Trey  staff
Replied on Apr 23, 2014 - 14:38 UTC

Hello Ian,

Thank you for your report, this issue will be addressed in the next update of our Android app.

Best regards,