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Using todoist for home and work with multiple email accounts


I want to use todoist for organizing both home and work to-do's.
* I have a gmail app account at work (windows/chrome).
* I have a local isp email account for home, but I also pull that into a personal gmail account for remote and iphone access, though I try to keep the gmail address under the covers and only use the local isp email address for home. I use windows at home, but could use chrome if it provided better integration between home gmail and todoist.
* I want to be able to access both home and work to-do's from my iphone, work, and home desktops (or chrome, again whatever works best).
* I'm considering todoist premium because of the labels (home vs work?), filters, notifications, and other reasons.
What's the best approach to take with todoist--can I do it with one account?
If one account, is it better to use labels or filters to separate home vs work, and which email address should I use for the todoist account--work gmail, home isp, or home gmail?
Is there a blog or other support doc you can direct me to provides guidance for this?

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Apr 21, 2014 - 11:44 UTC

Hello Brian,

The email address doesn't really matter. You can log in using any address you want anywhere and it won't affect the Gmail integration at all. That is - you can use a non-Gmail address and log into your Todoist account through our Gmail plugin and it will still work. In fact, it could be better if you'd like to use multiple Gmail account in which case using Google Login would require logging just into the one Gmail address you have linked with your Todoist account.

As for separate work/home lists. This can be done either with labels, as you've said, or with projects. You could have a parent project "Work" and work-related sub-projects below it and similarly a parent project "Home".

However, unlike labels, you can include projects in searches (yet, we may add this option in the future). That said, if you don't mind seeing tasks from other projects on your 7 days lists, but looking on the right side to check which projects they originate from (you could use a similar color for a project group), you could just use project. If you don't want to see home-based tasks on this list at work at all, then labels would be the better way to go as you can exclude !@home in a filter.

Best regards,

Replied on Apr 22, 2014 - 02:15 UTC

Thanks, David--that's all very helpful. I signed up for premium, organized into home and work projects / subprojects, and also tagged everything with home and work labels. A bit redundant, but I wanted to see which worked best. So far I think labels are better, as I can have separate home/work filters for today and next seven days, plus a filter of anything without those labels to see if I've missed assigning any. Subprojects are easier to maintain because the assignment is automatic, but since it doesn't help with filters I'm not seeing a big benefit so far. BTW, it'd be great to be able to multi-select and apply labels to all selected at once--I voted for one such suggestion. Thanks for a great tool! --Brian

Replied on Jul 14, 2014 - 06:58 UTC

How about just allow filter to search for projects, and let everyone be happy?