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How can I trust Todoist if it just forgets stuff Ive put in!!!!


Hello, I have the android app and was using on my PC in the web page, I was happily adding files and notes and I could see them in the app, synced my device, not in there! - logged back onto the website, not in there either!!! - it is very worrying to me within only a day of using that it just gets rid of stuff in there, sometimes it may be my only copy of details on a task, for it to just lose them with no error is bad! - if an error would have come up as I tried to save then fair enough, I would know it wasnt saved, but it was all there on the screen.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Apr 16, 2014 - 11:37 UTC


Todoist should definitely not forget or delete any of your data. Please tell me - are you certain that you're logged into the same account on all devices? Did you use a Gmail and a Googlemail account (these are treated differently)?

Can you reproduce it by adding one task on the web and one on Android and see if neither sync or if it only syncs one-way (while being logged into the same account)?

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