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Create Task from Email in Outlook for Mac


Due to the fact that there is no support of Outlook for Mac, I've used solution from http://todoist.com/Support/show/29551/ that was done by Nik Friedman TeBockhorst, who has a blog post on using the API from Applescript.

I've joined it with OutlookToThings apple script all works fine, except one issue which is blocker of all the idea.

url lume96://lume96.outlookhelper?action=1!-109597 is not considered as a link which I can click.

Is it possible to make any items in the format [url=lume96://lume96.outlookhelper?action=1!-109597]Re: Career path question[/url] clickable? If not, is it possible to do lume96 tag clickable or any other tag you may consider as safe, I think I will be able to change the code of lume96.

That should not be really difficult for your developers, and from other hand it will address a lot of requests to support Outlook Mac posted at the forum.

Any suggestions are appreciated as I'm starving without true link with Outlook, and my GTD system with 100-200 emails per day, email task to the project, is not solution in this case, and there is no ability to open that email from todoist either.

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Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Apr 11, 2014 - 16:18 UTC


There isn't much we can do right now, as we are concentrated on a few other things. Though we hope to improve URL related issues soon.

For now though, have you tried emailing projects? https://todoist.com/blog/2013/01/zero-inbox-policy-with-todoist/


Sergiy Zabigaylo  premium
Replied on Apr 11, 2014 - 16:47 UTC


Yes I do checked Zero Inbox Policy, and it's not acceptable for me due to company security restrictions I have, I can't sent email with payroll information to Todoist in order to create task to check payroll and due to high number of emails I have.

It's really sad that you can't add URL issues, especially by taking in account that it works exactly same fashion as "message" and "evernote" that you've already did, and I just need one more custom tag that all of us can benefit from. And I see that you have at least 50 requests on the forum, in some of which people said that it was NoGo decision for them because of that.

Actually I've created all the workflow already to create task from Outlook for Mac in Todoist, with help of tools mentioned above, and it works quite great (__I can create tasks with labels, projects, priorities, due dates__). And it was really what I've missed. So, I've decided to give Todoist second try, and postpone migration to new version of Omni.

The only inconvenience I have is that I have to select lume96://lume96.outlookhelper by mouse, then do right click and then select Services->OpenURL which takes time. So, if you'd resolve issue with URL, you can state that there is solution for Outlook for Mac, that allows to create tasks from Outlook with ease.

Mark Davis  premium
Replied on Apr 27, 2014 - 13:39 UTC

All I can say is - wow. Look at all the hard work some smart people have done to create a work-around for this gap.

Implementing this solution is just within my technical limits if I tinker with it a bit. Thanks for these scripts / insights. I'm willing to right click if I can get Mac Outlook emails into ToDoist. My current solution is a kludge using a combo of ToDoist and Outlook Tasks.

Question: Do you run into issues when moving an email from the Outlook inbox to a folder using this script? That used to be a big problem using ToDoist's Outlook Windows plugin, but they eventually fixed it. Moving emails to folders is my usual workflow.

Sergiy Zabigaylo  premium
Replied on May 09, 2014 - 08:29 UTC

Mark, I have no issue with moving emails after been processed by Outlook.
Please find below script I'm using to move items to "temp" folder. Also the script like that is part of my workflow when using Outlook->Todoist integration, where email after being added to Todoist is moved to Archive folder.

on run {}

tell application "Microsoft Outlook"

-- Get the selected message set
set msgList to current messages
if msgList = {} then
error "No messages selected. Select at least one message."
error -128
end if

-- Get the archive folder
set theMsg to item 1 of msgList
set theAccount to account of theMsg
set archiveFolder to folder "Temp" of theAccount
--set archiveFolder to folder “Read Items” of on my computer

--Get list of all window IDs
set windowList to every window

-- Iterate through messages
repeat with aMessage in msgList
-- move message into archive folder
move aMessage to archiveFolder
-- if message is in an open window, close the window
repeat with aWindow in windowList
if id of aMessage = id of (object of aWindow) then
close aWindow
end if
end repeat
end try
end repeat
end tell
end run

Sergiy Zabigaylo  premium
Replied on May 09, 2014 - 08:31 UTC

By the way, I'm using Keyboard maestro script to open URLS like lume96://lume96.outlookhelper?action=1!-109597 from Notes in Todoist by selecting them and pressing Ctrl->O key. Which then opens email in Outlook, so it's quite ok as temporary solution.

tommfranklin  premium
Replied on Nov 17, 2014 - 20:38 UTC

It seems to me that with someone having done a lot of the integration work already ToDoist could hire Sergiy as a consultant to help put together a clean Outlook for Mac integration tool for those of us without his skillset.

PLEASE consider doing this!

Kristin O'Connell  premium
Replied on Sep 16, 2015 - 07:47 UTC