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ToDoIst Application in Windows sometimes crashes on close/ or won't start fully

:-/ I've got the ToDoIst application running on both Windows8 and Windows7. When I'm done with it, I just close it via the "x" in the upper right. Well often times, after it's been run once, I click it to launch it, and ... nothing. Click it again... nothing. This works both from a pinned taskbar icon, as well as the desktop icon (meaning I don't think it matters where one starts it from). However, at this point - if I go and look in the TaskManager - I see one application running for time I tried to start it, as well as one more for the original one I started. And, none of them will come up (I can't "switch to" any of them). At this point, I have no choice but to "end" the processess via the TaskManager. After I've closed them all, I can start one of them up.

The current solution that I'm using, is never to close the app, just minimize it. That's probably your intent anyways - however, if I've closed the application, I can't bring it back up unless I've killed it in the TaskManager.

TL/DR; Application won't close - must kill it via TaskManager to restart the ToDoIst application.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Apr 08, 2014 - 22:15 UTC

Hello John,

By default, the app is set to "minimize to tray" so if you close it with "X" it will not quit, but keep running and you should see a red TD icon in the system tray. you can bring it back either by double-clicking on the tray icon or using the global shortcut Ctrl+Alt+A to show/hide it (or Ctrl+Alt+T to quickly open it along with the add task option).

You can change this by right-clicking on the TD icon in the system tray and going to "Configurations" where you can set it to completely quit upon closing. However, this will disable the global keyboard shortcuts.

Best regards,