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Several features are not working as foreseen

after two weeks or so testing Todoist I am a bit upset: All the pretty features would be really great - if they would work as announced. Some observations:
- No support for Safari and Mac Mail is constraining me to use Chrome and Thunderbird or Postbox and changing deeply my working habits.
- Attachment Upload only works only from the Web-App but not from the Plug-Ins or Mac-App (the last I do not understand: File-Upload to a cloud works with several other Mac-Apps...)
- Mail-Forwarding does not report Text in notes (I did another post on that issue)
- Changed to Postbox, setting up all my Mail-Accounts in it and accustomizing not only to Todoist but also to the new big Mailclient, I discover that getting linked mails in Todoist (as I have until now in Things) does not work: Linked mails do not open (I made a special post on that.)
I really would like to work with Todoist instead of Things because of the many features it has more than Things. But this will work for me only when these features are really working and not only promises.
Sorry to seem severe but after a whole day of trying to get through all the problems I am tired to see Todoist not working as it should - hoping you can resolve the issues quickly.

Best regards

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Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Mar 28, 2014 - 16:42 UTC

Hi Markus,

- Mac Mail is indeed not supported at this time, but our web version works just fine with Safari. Please let us know the problem here.

- The Mac App requires a drag and drop, but can't use the select menu. What other clients are you having this issue with?

- We are looking into this issue and should be resolved soon. This is not how it should be working.

- I have responded to your other post about this.