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This query doesn't work

I am trying to get this query to work:

:to others: & 7 days

i've copied and pasted it from https://todoist.com/Help/Filtering and it returns an incomplete list of tasks, meaning I have things delegated to others that are due today and the query is ignoring them. It essentially returns a partial list. That's using the web version of Todoist. It also does not work as expected if I paste the query into the search bar on the website.

Furthermore, when I try and use that saved filter on my IOS device, it returns nothing, telling me the filter has no tasks.

There seems to be inconsistency in the way the queries are constructed.

For example, if this works:
:all: & 7 days

why wouldn't you use

:me: & 7 days

:others: & 7 days

:name of person a: & 7 days

:name of person b: & 7 days

I have tried variations on your query language based on queries that are working, but in no case have I been able to successfully construct a query that successfully returns all the tasks that have been delegated to anyone other than myself for "x" amount of days.



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Replied on Mar 28, 2014 - 14:59 UTC

this for example, also doesn't work

:to others: & (today, overdue)

In a particular project, I have 3 tasks. 1 was due yesterday, 2 are due today. This project is assigned to 1 person. I'm trying to get a view of everyone who has things assigned to them, overdue, today, and let's say over the next "x" number of days.

Is there a query for this that works? Thank you!


David Trey  staff
Replied on Mar 28, 2014 - 17:30 UTC

Hello Gino,

We will clarify the description on our help page. The :to_others: filter should show you all tasks that you have assigned to others. Not tasks that are assigned to others by anyone, but specifically by you.

That said, to see all tasks that have assignments other than you or are not unassigned, please use:


And you can combine it like:

!:to_me: & 7 days

As for the inconsistencies on iOS - we're looking into this, it will be addressed in the next update.

Best regards,

Replied on Mar 28, 2014 - 17:45 UTC

Ah, I see an underscore crept into your query :-) Not that way on your help page :-)
I will play around with these and see what I can come up with. thanks