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android app stuck on loading data


I log in to the app with either my gmail as email address and password or by using 'login using google account'z but no matter what I do, I log in, the 'hello elad' shows and then the rounding circle that signs that the app is loading data shows forever.
The app is basically useless without the mobile app.

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Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Mar 28, 2014 - 15:31 UTC

Hi Elad,

Which version of Android are you using as well of which version of our App? Please try closing it, then heading to Android settings, apps, and remove the data for the app, then log into it.


Elad Edri
Replied on Mar 29, 2014 - 19:20 UTC

I'm on kitkat with nexus 4. Tried your method before but it didn't work. Also, it seems like the problem is with my accou t, since I tried login also on motorola xoom 2 and the same happens, while creating a new account with a different email works fine on my nexus. ;-)

David Trey  staff
Replied on Mar 30, 2014 - 21:51 UTC

Hello Elad,

Please tell me - how many tasks do you have on your account (approximately)? Did you try to import large amounts of tasks at once, used special characters etc.? Is there anything that you remember doing at the time this issue occurred?

Best regards,

Elad Edri
Replied on Mar 30, 2014 - 22:05 UTC

Hi David,

Luckily I didn't have lots of tasks in my todoist account so I just printed everything and erased my account. Then, I re-created my account using google sign-up and voila!, it works on my android.
As to your questions - I didn't have more then a dozen of tasks divided into two projects (and one sub-project) and 1-2 in the Inbox. I didn't try to import any tasks (though I did have several tasks creating by adding email from gmail to my todoist using the plugin). The issue occurred from the very beginning of trying to use Todoist on my Android device. The only special characters I'm using are Hebrew letters, nothing fancy.

I will give this a chance now that it works and re-create my tasks, if this happens again I will have to look for a solution elsewhere. For now you can mark this issue as Resolved.