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Outlook 2013 x32 : Unable to "add email as task"


I've just updated to Office 2013 (including Outlook). I can't seem to use the "add email as task" option - the options to do this don't appear anywhere. I allowed the Office installation to upgrade my existing version (Office 2007 - where it did work). Todist itself is available in the bar on the RHS and appears to work fine.

I downloaded the latest version of the add-on from the Todoist website, deinstalled the existing version, and reinstalled. This still didn't work.

I can see the tasks in the Todoist area on the RHS - I just can't add email as a task (there are no buttons to do so - whether I use the Quick Add or not).

Thanks, Frank

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Frank Courtney  premium
Replied on Mar 27, 2014 - 12:52 UTC

OK - I rebooted, and this is now partially solved. I can now see the "add email as task" option in the task bar at the RHS of Outlook.

However, there is no button on the ribbon bar or no option in the right-click context menu to do this. (an "add to Evernote" button is present - so, in principle it should work)

Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Mar 27, 2014 - 16:30 UTC


To be clear, you have an email selected, and the preview on the right side is open? As at the moment this is the only way our extension will see it. Also, right clicking is not available currently.


Frank Courtney  premium
Replied on Mar 27, 2014 - 16:57 UTC

Thanks Brandon,

Yes - that's right.

I thought there was an "add to todoist" button + a right-click option which worked with my previous version of Outlook.

Anyway - at least I can get it to add an email now.

Thanks, Frank