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Edit finished date (mark as done in previous day)

Today I made one of my task with (today due date). But I forget to mark it as done before 00.00 hour so next day came. Few minutes after 00.00 I click task as done but in Carma graph it is displayed like it was made on a new day...

If there is a possibility to change this (done) date?
If not please consider made this in future.. (it could be a very hide option because probably it will be not often used by users but sometimes it does!).

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Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Mar 26, 2014 - 00:10 UTC


There is no way to change this. If the task is into the next day, it's overdue, and the way we process overdue tasks is that once it's completed it moves onto the next occurrence, which would actually be the next day. It's an issue but at the same time it can resolve other issues, such as people having to check off a very late task 100 times.

We will look into a better way of processing these in the future. Sadly, at this time if the task is past the day mark, you will need to "do it today" option and lose the previous day.