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Push notifications does not work


I have two issues with notifications, are there some ways to fix?

First of all - push notifications does not work - both for tasks made on android device (sams galaxy s III) and on desktop windows client. And both automatically added by todoist (30 min before due time) and manually added.

Test of push notifications in todoist settings goes succesfully, sms notifications works correctly more or less (see below). The most interesting is that after reinstalling app pushes do work, but only day or two, and then goes off (I can't see any kind of "rule" that causes this).

The second issue is about all types of notifications on android (todoist premium russian). Steps:
- add task (+)
- fill task name
- fill date-time field сегодня в 21.40
- switch to reminders tab
- add a reminder with date and time
- fill reminder date and time сегодня в 21.20
- and after tapping on ok todoist tells, that "reminder could not be outdated" (in russian, "Напоминание не может быть устаревшим").

There are two ways of fixing this - save the task and open it again for editing - then it works correctly, or - write the notification date-time in english instead of russian.


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Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Mar 24, 2014 - 02:38 UTC


Are you updated to the latest Android app version? As this was an issue with recurring tasks that should be fixed in the latest version. Or are these not recurringt tasks?

Does this second issue only occur with that certain syntax, or anything?