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Add e-mail message as a task in Outlook 2013

Windows 7
Outlook 2013
OutlookTodoistADX (

In Outlook 2010, I could add e-mail messages as tasks in Todoist by right-clicking an e-mail message from my messages list and selecting "Add to Todoist" from the contextual popup menu. When I right-click an e-mail in the message list of Outlook 2013, the option is not available. I do see the option in the ribbon of the Home tab, but it is no longer available via a right-click. I was also wondering if there are any plans to allow the creation of a task based off of a calendar event in Outlook.


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Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Mar 22, 2014 - 00:03 UTC

Hi Tony,

The feature is not available in the latest version. This was a feature most people did not know about, even some of us at Todoist did not know (developer added without note). So once we changed devs, and fixed most issues, it was removed. We do not know if it will get added in the future or not.

As for adding task via calender, we do not have any plans directly for this at this time, but we are hoping to improve calender features.